I like things that are totally awesome. Also- Alex, always, always Alex.

Sees good post but gets taken back to top of dash *swipes down aggressively*

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Mind bending moment when I realised that sky bisons don’t have arrows because air benders do, but air benders have arrows because bisons do

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Bubbly fran flan is my favourite- loook at himmmm

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Attack on Titan - ep. 1

- it’s by madman
- ducks
- people scared
- there’s a wall (called it)
- why is ifs head so small?
- horses
- why is does this one have skin?
- what happen to the horses?
- the back it’s head looks like a but
- intro time!
- epic music
- they look sad
- The birds didn’t look like they were falling
- Nice synchronised jumping and such
- I like the semi flying chain things
- what’s with the wing thing? I know it’s their sumbol thing but why?
- shits getting real
- that guy has mello hair
- shits getting real
- And it was all a dream
- eren? I thought that was Levi (it’s correcting it to that so that must be his name… Like leviathan but not)
- why would he need a check up for crying? He’s a kid. Kids cry.
- this guys a dickhow old
- Not Levi looks like kirito (sao)
- they live behind a wall. If there was an epidemic wouldn’t it spread like shit?
- nice houses
- account regiment
- It’s the bondage boys
- Why doesn’t he like him-
- Shit they got hammered
- Bible boy got eaten
- Poor Moses
- Jesus is that his hand?
- Called it
- Fuck
- Do they have a cart full of other dead people limbs?
- How do they know he’s his
- Way to comfort a grieving mother
- And then they just walked of
- those ropes holding the wood would hurt like a bitch
- These walls are Ba Sing Sa style
- Oh- their brother and sister
- His sister is a talks
- Wait boat? What bows? Their surrounded by walls
- Nice key
- That was mean
- Is that bubby not mello from the intro?
- I like him more
- Nup- like the sister even more
- Mikasa
- Wait there not siblings? (Sooo confused…)
- What
- Lightning attack!
- Armin- that’s not mellow name
- Hand
- God damn
- Wait- if that’s a Titan- what r the others called?
- Everyone dies don’t they?
- Oh their all called titans
- Run little not mello
- Gees that guy got crushed
- Mums dead
- Oh no she’s not
- That’s a house
- Your not gonna lift a house
- They know each other?
- Hanns (?) is gonna die
- Goddamn what’s wrong with its face?
- oh- no he’s not
- This is horrifying
- I liked the mum though
- I’m not crying…
- Goddamn this is
- Damn
- He just ate her
- Way the fuck
- What the fuck
- That’s it?

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Pre-watching prediction

Attack on (in? Hope I haven’t been calling it the wrong thing…) Titan

- giant naked people attacking not naked people with bondage fetishes
- walls to keep giants out that don’t work
- kinda like pacific rim
- lots of people die
- lots of jokes about a missing leg? Idk.
- there’s someone called ‘levie’ and he always looks sad
- there are photos of people rein-acting attacks
- there was also a car add

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I’m at that awkward stage where I’m balancing on the edge of several fandoms and trying it decide which, if any, I should go to next.
At the moment it’s a tie-ish between Attack on Titan and Shameless US…

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Oh god… I’m so sorry Lambo… So very very sorry….

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